About Us

This project can not run without hundreds and hundreds of hours invested by enthusiast developers, editors, copywriters, photographers - and of course without our photography contributors! Here is the core team responsible for most of the (invisible) work done (order not to be taken personally):

Zbyněk Buřival – Czech Republic

Being mineral collector, Zbyněk later became formerly educated in mineralogy. He started this website in 2003 and built most of its features until 2015. Zbyněk is a freelance photographer, website administrator, editor in chief and content marketer. When he doesn't bash the keyboard, he is usually outdoors digging minerals and snapping pictures.

Eduard Stankovič – Slovakia

Hobby mineral collector, who is actually studying IT management. Another hobby of his is programming PHP and JS applications, that he hopes will pay for his living. Long hiking trips, monumental views, digging for minerals, these are things he likes the most. So when he is not working he is outside enjoying these things.

Vic Ridgley – Nevada, USA

Vic Ridgley is a retired geologist who spent a 40-year career managing drilling programs for uranium and gold. Most of his recent work centered on increasing reserves at 4 operating Nevada gold mines: Twin Creeks, Pinson, Hycroft and Mineral Ridge.

Sophia Kelly Shultz – Pennsylvania, USA

Sophia is a freelance artist, writer and mineral collector living in Pennsylvania USA. When she is not slashing and burning articles for this website, she is working on the text and art for her second book, The Promethean Oracle, or sewing costumes. She has a very patient husband, a great daughter with blue hair, two English Springer Spaniels, and a very small, very bad, cat.

Albert Russ – Slovakia

Albert is a professional mineral photographer, who kindly provides lot of photos for this project and especially for our articles.

Vítězslav Snášel – Czech Republic

Vítězslav is not active at the project anymore but it would never exist without him. He generously invested hundreds of hours in creating thousands of mineral photos. He also helped a lot with early website testing and development consultations.