Terms and Conditions

Last upadated 5th April 2019

Mineralexpert.org is an educational and scientific website, combining database of mineral photos, mineral locality photos, and educational texts (articles, e-books). Large portion of the content is provided by registered users.

Mineralexpert.org is private owned educational project, operated by few enthusiasts. Please, keep in mind that this is not business with support center operating 24/7 – everything is done in our free time.

Use of Mineralexpert.org is bound by the following terms and conditions. These apply whether you are a registered user or not.

Mineralexpert.org contains information about the location of mineral occureces/deposits worldwide. This information does not indicate or guarantee that the locality is currently open for mineral collectors or that minerals can still be found at that location.

Any attemt to visit any locality listed referenced by/published at Mineralexpert.org is entirely at your own risk. Mineralexpert.org can not be held liable for any injuries, loss of life, loss of property, loss of earnings or any other issue due acting on information taken from Mineralexpert.org website or Mineralexpert.org publications in any form (texts, e-books, videos, presentations etc.). It is solely your own responsibility to obtain permission of the landowners and/or mineral rights owners, and that you are aware of all safety precautions necessary.

You keep copyright of any data (images, texts, videos) you upload/post to Mineralexpert.org. By uploading/posting such material you grant Mineralexpert.org non-exclusive rights to continue to use and display such material on Mineralexpert.org website. No further use of your material will be carried out without your explicit permission.

You can delete or request removal of your copyrighted material any time, unless you were paid to produce such materials for Mineralexpert.org. Removal of larger amounts of your data may take up to several days because of technical limits.

Vast majority of the content of Mineralexpert.org website and publications (texts, e-books, videos, presentations etc.) are copyrighted and can not be used without prior consent! You are not allowed to archive non-trivial portions of Mineralexpert.org website and data, and you are not allowed to copy data for use in any other product or website.

Mineralexpert.org reserves the right to deny access to any part of the website to any user without prior warning. Mineralexpert.org website is free to use and comes with no warranties as to the accuracy or suitability of information provided whatsoever.

Mineralexpert.org reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of use without further notification. Please check this page on a regular basis to ensure you understand your obligations in using this site.

Mineralexpert.org is a private owned (no corporation, no NGO, no non-profit) and operated by Zbyněk Buřival. Keep in mind, that all communication, changes, development etc. must be done in free time of the owner and website administrators!